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Entrepreneurship Academy

We don’t offer you an entrepreneurship course, so that you may try your luck. Our unique value preposition and a standout innovative entrepreneurship program and courses, will set you apart from the crowd. In this platform you will not just learn, on how to turn your brilliant idea into a business, but also to manage and grow a successfully and sustainable business while outperform competition.

Management & Leadership Academy

Today, industries are facing global competition, short product life cycle, and like never before a very demanding customer. As a result, the human capital should be equipped with the skills not just to make the most effective decision but making the most effective and efficient decision in order to make the business more competitive and sustainable in the marketplace.

Mining Academy

The mining resources continue to play a key role in nation’s economy. However, the diamond deposits are become a scarcity resource worldwide, thus the importance to maximize the diamond recovery at lowest cost for every ton of ore mined and ensure profitability and sustainability throughout the life of mine. As a result, the need to invest in the most important resource of the business, the human capital.

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